Calum did a fantastic job engaging the whole audience and was very well received. The feedback on was absolutely spot on.” Barclays, June 2017

“What a fascinating presentation that was – thank you.  There has been a real buzz in the sixth form centre in the last couple of days as the conversations about AGI continue.” King’s College School, Wimbledon, June 2017

“Awe-inspiring presentation.” Rotary Club branch chair, February 2017

Thank you for giving us such an inspirational keynote speech at our ethics and AI event last night. You managed to be accessible, challenging and hugely interesting all at the same time – quite an achievement!” PwC, July 2016

Calum was great. Very positive comments from the shareholders in their feedback.” Beringea Private Equity, November 2016

Thank you so much for recommending Calum, he was perfect for our event, a really interesting presentation and all the delegates enjoyed listening to his views on Artificial Intelligence.” Shared Services, July 2016

“I invited Calum to London Business School to give a talk about about artificial intelligence, and its consequences for the business world. The presentation was really engaging, including not only possible impacts on the economy, but also potential solutions. Calum is a great speaker and has a deep understanding of AI, which allows him to present the matter in a completely new light.” MBA student, London Business School, February 2017  

Calum went down very well, a fascinating and thought provoking presentation. Thank you.” CenturyLink, June 2016