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I send a free short book, “Our Jobless Future” to every new subscriber to my email list.  This 10,000-word essay summarises the arguments about technological unemployment, perhaps the most important policy issue of this generation.

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8 thoughts on “Sign up for emails – and a free book!

  1. Hi, I am just reading Pandora’s Brain and cannot put it down its given me lots to think about …at my age 76, it makes me wish I was just starting life’s journey and have the chance to immerse myself into all these new discoveries …Thanks again for a great book .. and I wish you a happy and fascinating future .. Yours Sincerely Peter Deacon

  2. I read the Amazon sample of your new book, The Two Singularities, and then I immediately went to purchase the Kindle edition. When I saw the price was over 30 dollars I hesitated. It’s possible the book is worth this much, but if you intend to maximize your profits then I think linear programming can give you a price point lower than that. A price too low and a price too high would not maximize your profit.

    • You’re not wrong, Bill. The new book is published by an academic publishing house, and I have no control over the pricing. My previous books together cover the same ground, and are considerably less expensive.

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