Grand CanyonThis blog is an attempt to get more people thinking and talking about the arrival of conscious machines.

The first conscious machine may be created before this century is halfway through.  The consequences of this are likely to be astonishing.  As Andrew Marr said in a recent TV programme, it will be the “the greatest achievement of humanity since the invention of agriculture [and it will] challenge the very idea of what it is to be human.”

Apart from a few thousand neuroscientists and techno-optimists, amazingly few people are thinking about this – or even fully aware of it.

My name is Calum Chace.  I live in London and Sussex.  After a 30-year career in business I chair and consult to entrepreneurial businesses, and now I’m a novelist and a blogger.  I hope I can persuade you to join the conversation.

If you are new to the idea that machine consciousness may be with us soon, my novel Pandora’s Brain is a great place for you to start – it’s available now on Amazon as an ebbok and a paperback.

The Super-Intelligence page on this site and then the Links page will also give you plenty of food for thought.

Finally, why Pandora’s Brain?  In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman, and Zeus ordered her to be created to punish men for accepting the forbidden gift of fire from Prometheus.  She was given a jar containing all the evils of the world.  She had strict instructions never to open it, but humans are curious, so of course she did, which is exactly what Zeus intended.  That is how the Greeks thought evil came into our world.  But the jar also contained something else – something vital for humans: it contained hope.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Greetings Calum,
    I found your site. It is quite interesting and well thought through.
    Just a consideration for you. I am a SW developer, but my nature is biologist. I have a knack for genes. I am quite familiar with Kurzweil’s ideas and other related topics, but what if I told you that there is a topic as large that no one has even looked at? Obviously, it must be the genes, but you would probably be a bit surprised at what I found. It changes a lot of things, but more importantly it creates a new understanding of what humans are. I just completed a book on it and am working n publishing it, though at this point, the end, I want to redo the introduction first. If you want to see an older version, it is at http://www.diver.net/seahunt/p/p_trans.htm
    I am on your mailing list now, looking forward to your updates.
    Regards, Mike Breeden

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