New book: “Surviving AI”. Review copies available

Final coverI’ve just finished writing a non-fiction book on artificial intelligence, called Surviving AI.

It starts with a brief history of the science and a description of its current state.  It goes on to look at the benefits and risks that AI presents in the short and medium term, with a short story highlighting the improvements to everyday life that are in the pipeline, and discussions of technological unemployment and killer robots.

Then it gets into artificial general intelligence – machines with human-level cognition: whether we can create one, and if so when; whether we will like it if we do, and what we should do about it.

Surviving AI will be published this summer.  If you would like a review copy in PDF or mobi for Kindles, email me at cccalum at

8 thoughts on “New book: “Surviving AI”. Review copies available

      • Google juice: the links go to the sites that they want bumped up in search rankings. I’m afraid that’s true even of the one remaining link. After all your book isn’t out yet, so how are these anonymous people able to praise it? Seán’s praise means a lot more I think 🙂

  1. on AI, backgammon and singularity | Axel Cuevas

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