Pandora’s Brain is published!

Ramez in SevillePandora’s Brain is available today on Amazon sites around the world in both ebook and paperback formats.

I’m celebrating by attending the Singularity University Summit in Seville.  The content of this conference has been inspiring and uplifting but also very grounded.  As you would expect, the word “exponential” has been used a great deal, but the presenters – mostly SU faculty – have focused on changes expected in the near term, and have provided solid evidence and examples to support their claims about the future they envisage.

I’ve met some great SU people – including AI expert Neil Jacobstein, medical expert Daniel Kraft, and fellow novelist Ramez Naam (pictured above).

The conference has been superbly organised by Luis Rey, Director of the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, and his colleagues.  Over 1,000 people are attending, including entrepreneurs and representatives of governments and companies from over 20 countries.  The whole event has been very professional and impressive.  We ought to do one in London!

2 thoughts on “Pandora’s Brain is published!

  1. Make it happen – I’d like to attend a ‘not for early adopters’ conference that gives those of us interested yet not immersed an opportunity to learn more, and perhaps contribute a fresh perspective on how to bring these ideas into the mainstream. Good luck with the book sales.

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