“Transcendence”: 2-minute mini-feature

Transcendence new intelligenceThe director, writer, producer and stars of “Transcendence” talk here about the movie and the ideas behind it.  They all seem to think that uploading a human mind into a supercomputer is a serious possibility.  Paul Bettany reports neuroscientists at CalTech telling him that it may be only 30 years away.

Of course this may just be movie hype.

2 thoughts on ““Transcendence”: 2-minute mini-feature

  1. I think it’s likely that it’s a mixture of movie hype and truthful responses – though most likely the latter have been bigged up some and/or simplified. I’m quietly hopeful for this movie, but it’s also looking more and more like a typical hollywood blockbuster with explosions and car chases rather than any sort of serious look at the subject matter. I’ve been let down before too much to naively assume they’ll do a good job, but maybe the tide IS turning, and we’re getting back to our golden-age scifi roots?

    • If it sticks to the script that has been circulating on the net, it starts well but then descends into a routine adventure yarn with some implausible plot points. But it should get a load more people talking about super-intelligence, which is what we need. So fingers crossed!

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